Miranda grew up in Malmö, Sweden as the daughter of two young artists, her father, a composer and producer and her mother, a costume designer and cello player. Her parents have always been very close to her in her artistic work. She has been playing many concerts with her mother on stage and her father wrote several arrangements for her songs. Most recently he rearranged her song Polly Pocket for a string quartet based in berlin.

Ever since she was a child, music has been a big part of Mirandas life, spending her childhood in rehearsals, theaters, studios, sound checks, hanging around in backstage rooms or playing games with the bar staff. At the age of 9 she had her first band, the hip hop trio “Shakespear´s daughters” but the interest for music was still not big enough – so they split up after a year and Miranda changed perspective.

Until she turned 14 Miranda was quite sure that music was nothing for her. But at some point she just picked up a guitar and started to write songs, many songs.

Two years later she had made herself known in her hometown as the “PJ Harvey of Malmö” and was playing concerts around all sweden in festivals, clubs and bars, keeping her minor age a secret. 2008 she was nominated by the Swedish independent music awards “Manifestgalan” as the unsigned artist of the year.

She continued exploring her creativity, composing and performing music for a theater play “Vandrarinnans blues” set at the art venue “Inkonst” in Malmö.

Developing a more playful, cabaret inspired sound, playing mostly piano and pumporgan, her music has always been suited for all kinds of ages. Apart from the “normal” music scene she would play on theater stages like the “Helsingborgs Stadsteater”  for an audience with 60 as an average age.

She has been recording and playing live with her father Martin Gjerstad and his colleague, the producer Tore Johansson and their music collective “Instead of Gospel” regularly and her voice appears as a backing vocal on several of their productions.

Miranda moved to Berlin when she was 18 years old, starting off singing swedish folksongs in the U-bahn stations. Hand in hand with her friend they sang every morning for the people who went to work. Slowly she started paying concerts, and after a while she came in contact with the Berlin based band Lonski & Classen.

They are now working together, both in the studio and on stage, blending the folk and cabaret inspired sound-costume of former days with fragments of electronica, analog synthesizers, electric guitar and drums. But either way you put it, Mirandas splendid songwriting that is full of beautiful melodies, combined with her eclectic voice that can effortlessly create a rainbow of emotions are the core of every of her songs. Currently Miranda is writing songs for an upcoming Album release.

“Something that has given me a lot of inspiration is the ability to be someone else for a moment. In these moments you forget what is yours and what is someone elses. When you’re surroundings are seeing you in a way that simply makes you doubt who and what you are, which place is your place, which place is mine?

This is the perfect setting for a song to come alive, cause music is something we all are carrying around inside of us, and something we all inherited. There is something very free and inspiring about melodies and stories, they are always there somewhere but they can never really be owned.”