When the Spree wasn’t called Media Spree, Osthafen was a a place of water and bricks, where we set up our camp in Berlin. It was a magical place and the concerts were dedicated to the music and the dialog with guests and friends in such intensity, that it was a great desire to create a new format, that couldn’t be affected by any urban planing measures.

Berlin is going to be a connecting parameter in an undogmatic way, probably in a similar way as a more or less marked reference here to the OSTHAFEN-founders Lukas Lonski and Felix Classen.


Our studio is located in a backyard of Kreuzberg, Berlin, just opposite of the old Osthafen. Here we work with a well sounding selection of instruments as well as our lovely „microphone family“. In addition to Lonski & Classen and Miranda projects we have composed and produced music for dance-pieces, film and other formats here in 2013. Sometimes there is a little extra (spare) time for external projects. If you want to work with us or record in our studio please get in touch with us.

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  • Lonski & Classen – All tomorrow is Illusion / Album Recording, Mix
  • Lonski & Classen – Coversongs / Recording, Mix
  • Laura Lopez Castro – Album Songwriting, Vorproduktion / Release 2014
  • Miranda – Albumproduktion / Release 2014
  • The Sorry Entertainers – Mix
  • After Hours – Kurzfilm (Steffen Köhn, Phillip Kaminiak) / Sound-Komposition, Recording, Mix / Premiere: Akademie der Künste, Berlin
  • Soli Deo Gloria – Tanz (Lee Meir) / Sound / Premiere: Thüringer Bachwochen, Erfurt
  • Dynamic – Tanz (Miriam Jakob, Choreography by Deborah Haye) / Premiere Tanzquartier, Wien
  • Kotodama – audiovisuelle Installation (Hiroyuki Yamada, L&C) / Premiere Nuit Blanche, Kyoto
  • „Silently…“ – Tanz (Lisa Densem) / Sound-Komposition & live performance / Premiere: HZT, Berlin